Ownership of a modern equipment fleet provides Surya Infratech Pvt.Ltd. with a major competitive advantage, using the right equipment to accomplish any project task on schedule and within budget. Machinery required for the use of soil stabilization German technology:



The crushers are used for repairing roads, recycling materials, making foundations for roads, highways, high-speed train (TGV) lines, platforms, servicing and creation of ski runs, landscaping, farming and vineyards, etc. The stone crushers work by percussion (impact) by means of mobile hammers (made of tempered or carbide steel) rotating around a shaft made of treated steel. They are fixed to a rotor which rotates in the direction opposite to the tractor’s forward motion. The raised stones are crushed against the anvil.


Non-stop Decompactor with spring blades

Extremely robust scarification tool intended for:
decompaction in depth
breaking up of roads
scarification of earth before crushing
preparatory work or mixing in soil treatment
uprooting and removal of stones.


The vibrating plates are equipped with a hydraulic reservoir integrated in the frame, an oil cooling system and a pump which independently drives each motor. The model is designed for a front and rear 3-point coupling setup and is driven by a 540 rpm power takeoff.


A high precision, variable speed spreader for the Soil Stabilization Agent. It offers high control capability, optimum equipment, and high precision, excellent reliability. The control system allows controlling the distribution of the products to be spread with easy and rapid programming. The programmable controller adapts the quantity to be spread automatically with respect to the moving vehicle’s speed. This system is an intelligent spreading system. A large reservoir is supplied by feeder conveyors. This reservoir feeds three independent spreader conveyors which spread the product out over a width of 2.46 m to 2.76 m (according to the model).


The soil mixer is the ideal machine for professionals in the soil stabilization field. It works in the direction opposite to the machine’s forward motion, is equipped with a dual transmission, and a rotor of large diameter and high tooth density made of carbide steel in order to obtain a homogeneous mixing of excellent quality. It has two hydraulically controlled flaps to level and retain the material to be worked. The machine may work to a depth of 0 to 40 cm. 6 interchangeable plates made of hard stainless steel are mounted in the mixing reservoir to prevent the wearing out of the body and parts.

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